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Quilling Lettering - B

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Hi Lovelies,

As you all know, I recently started a whole series on Quilling Lettering.

In my last post, I had shared with you all the tutorial for letter A.

In today's post, I will share with you all how to make letter B.

Let's begin.

To perform edge quilling, you need :

1) Quilling strip (preferable thicker 200gsm or so) - Can be pre cut or you can cut them yourself and width can be 0.5 to 1cms as per your choice.

2) Slotted needle tool

3) Glue

4) Base paper

5) Tweezers

6) Scissors

7) Basic stationery

So, when I started making this project, I had nothing planned in my mind. I just had a template for letter B (Link shared below) and just 1 thing that I am going to make a tulip flower somewhere in this project.

I selected 3/4 shades of green color to make this project. And orange color to make the tulip.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making this project and frankly speaking, in the beginning, i was not sure how it will look in the end. There were 3/4 instances where I literally felt that I have spoiled the project and I had these negative feelings but to my surprise, it came really good.

Here is the video tutorial of the process.

Download the Template for the letter B here.

Paper Quilling Supplies:

Paper Quilling -

Paper Quilling Kit -

Quilling Mould -

Quilling Border Buddy -

Do watch and if you like it subscribe to the channel. Your suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome.

If you create something after watching this video or recreate any of the designs, post them in a new post here.

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