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Paper Quilling 3D Flowers Picture Frame

Hello Art Lovers,

Today I am presenting a new creation of mine.

This is a beautiful Paper Quilling 3D flowers picture frame wall piece.

Full Look

To make this wall frame, I took a piece of mountboard in size 8 by 8 inches.

Then, I created some leaves in two shades of green strips.

For flowers, I choose yellow and cream colors. and created teardrops shapes (a lot of them) in different shapes and sizes and created flowers with them.

The detailed tutorial of how to make these 3D flowers is available on my Youtube Channel

The final assembling video can be watched here.


If you Interested in learning quilling (basic or advanced or any specific project) you can contact me and we can have a 1:1 detailed session. I will love to mentor you to learn this amazing art form.



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