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Paper Quilling Basics - Masteraclass

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Hello Everyone,

I get a lot of queries regarding paper quilling.

- What tools to use.

- Is it an easy art form for beginners.

- What is the scope of paper quilling.

- What all can be made using paper quilling. and many more.

I understand that learning a new art form creates doubts like:

- What if I didn't like this art form?

- What if is its very expensive art form?

- Whom should I learn from?

and so on.

So, to clear these doubts, recently I posted a video on my Youtube channel.

This video is basically a masterclass of the paper quilling basics. Really you can learn all about this beautiful art form and try it your own.

In my view, you can always learn any art form by yourself.

There are both pros and cons of teaching yourself and I am going to share the same:


- You feel proud of your self

- You do a lot of RnD and then try learning a new art form. In the process, you don't restrict yourself to a particular technique or path and try freely hence may discover a new technique that no one has ever tried.

- You learn at your own pace and not bound to the course timeline.


- Learning from an expert will save you time which you may waste a lot when you try things by yourself

- You go through proper step-by-step guidelines and learn the art form.

- You learn a lot of tips and techniques which the expert has learned from their experience of many years.

- You won't waste your money in buying supplies which may not be even necessary.

- You can get answers to your queries easily.

- You can learn techniques from the expert and discover or invent new techniques of you own.

So, you decide what you want to do. The world is full of information now and nothing is impossible to search on the internet but time is money too :)

Keeping all these things in mind, I had created a masterclass which I posted on youtube. So, you can learn and get to know if you like this art form or not. If you do, you can always book a group or 1x1 coaching with me and learn.

I can mentor you for basic, advanced courses as well as for any other project of your choice that you want to learn specifically. Get in touch over my email or Whatsapp.

I hope this masterclass will give you some value and you get benefit out of it.



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