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Macrame - An Introduction

Hi Cuties,

I am posting a blog after months. I have lots of stuff to do hence blogging takes a back seat in my priority lists but today, I decided to write a blog after almost 4 months.

So, first of all, I wish that whosoever is reading this post, is in good health and doing well in life.

About me, I am good. trying new things. Recently I learned making soaps and about them, I will discuss in my next post because in this post I am going to talk about Macrame.

Macrame is getting very trendy in India and the products are beautiful, boho, ecofriendly and sustainable.

What is Macrame?

If you are listening to the work Macrame for the first time, let me explain to you what macrame is.

So, Macrame is basically a thick cotton (or nylon) thread and the crafting technique to create products out of it is "Knotting".

There are various types of knots that can be clubbed together to create designs and products like:

1) Wall hangings

2) Plant hangings

3) Curtains

4) Accessories like:

- Earrings

- Hair clips

- Hairbands

- Keychains

5) Sling bags

6) Mobile bag

7) Car charms

8) Dreamcatchers

9) Bandanwars / Torans

10) Wall shelves

Since the art form is becoming really trendy, people are creating amazing out of box products from it.

I even saw people making Rakhi's of macrame this Rakhi season and selling them. So, in my words, possibilities are endless.

I came to know about macrame art last year around this time only (Diwali time) and I had made my first purchase of raw materials. I created my first wall hanging and keychain back then.

Will share the photos. I need to find them in the ocean of my database of photos.

Since then, I have created few products from macrame and the ones I loved the most are accessories. they are my most loved products.