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Meet Neha!

Welcome to Steps Towards Crafting.

I am Neha (Founder - Steps Towards Crafting), a software engineer by degree but an Artist by Passion.

Born and bought up in Dil walon ki Delhi, I am now settled in Gulabi Nagri Jaipur.

I am an Art Lover and for me Art is just like heartbeats.

Just like a human can't survive without its Heart Beating, I can't Survive without doing Art.

I do a lot of Art forms like Paper Quilling, Scrapbooking, Handmade Greetings, Decoupage, Macramé etc. but the Art that Fascinates me the most is Paper Quilling.

Besides Arts, I love Travelling and Photography too.

Please follow me on social media to see my new works.

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My Story

I really don't know since when I started loving Art. I think, the main reason behind it was my Mother. She was never good in drawing and wanted me to learn it so she motivated me a lot about it in my childhood.

When I was in my teenage, I used to love gifting greetings a lot but I was unable to purchase them so, I started making them. 

I used to buy handmade sheets and decorate them to make cards for friends.

In 2010 end I joined my first job and after the training period was over, i had a lot of spare time in initial days and ample amount of Internet at office (having Internet at home was a luxury those days and it was damn expensive!) so, I used to search a lot about cards and other art forms and then I come to know about various things like Paper Quilling, Die cutting machines, Embossing, Distressing and what not and since then there is no looking back.

Now I try even more art forms like Macramé, Decoupage, Dot Mandala etc.

I run a youtube channel by the name "Scribblings of Life" where I post the videos on Art, Travel etc.


Meet Devraj!

I am Devraj. I am an engineer by degree and working in Jaipur. I am born and brought up in Chittorgarh Rajasthan now settled in Jaipur.

I love traveling, photography, and doing artwork.

As a partner in STC, I usually take care of photography, packaging, and shipping of the products. 

I enjoy doing watercolors, acrylics and making paper flowers.

Sometimes I also contribute to making youtube tutorials for our Youtube Channel "Scribblings of Life".

Meet Asha!

Hey!! I am Asha.

I make Crochet toys by the name Ashi Toys Studio, an in-house brand of Steps Towards Crafting.

I am a self-taught artist. I always had a keen interest in learning new art forms. A few months back my niece asked me to make a toy, there was some leftover wool from a sweater made by my mother, I searched on YouTube and made an amigurumi toy and it looked fantastic. 


After that there was no stopping, I made some more toys and participated in an event and people loved the toys. 

i made my business Instagram account. I am receiving some orders now; it is just a little venture and I hope it turns out successful for me.


Our motive at Ashi toys is to spread happiness and produce affordable crochet toys for all age groups.

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