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Paper Quilling - All about Basics

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Hi Everyone,

It was the start of 2011 when I had joined my office and after my initial training in the office, I joined my first project (I hope you all know by now that I am a Software engineer by profession). Internet was a luxury at that time. I remember we were paying around 800 Rs for 400 MB of data (Yes! it was that expensive) and no smartphones were there.

So, joining the project gave me this opportunity to surf the internet without worrying about net usage because each extra MB used to dig a big hole in the pocket and we used to get scolded by parents. :P

Ok, so since I was in the very initial phase and was in the learning curve period for the project, I had ample amount of time to surf things and I used to surf a lot about handmade greeting card ideas as I was always making them by drawing cartoons or stories.

Then and there I come to know about this beautiful form of art called Paper quilling.

I researched a lot about it and purchased some materials for the same. Tried making a few basic shapes and flowers and since then there is no looking back.

I loved this art form from the beginning and till now I enjoy doing it.

So what Paper Quilling is?

Paper Quilling is a beautiful form of art where you have thin long strips of paper. (Thin as much as 1mm, yes that thin)

You roll the paper, glue it, shape it and then assemble it to form art pieces.

Tools required:

For the basic quilling, you need

- Paper quilling strips (Start with 5mm or 3mm, prefer 5mm)

- Slotted needle tool

- Glue (Fevicol will work perfectly)

and that's it.

Links to buy the tools:

Husking Board:

Quill On Quilling products:

These are basic and must-haves.

People also use Quilling Board, Crimper, and quilling coach but I don't use them.

Never used the Board and coach although I have them with me for long. So, yes, you can make beautiful flowers and design even w/o them.

Let me show you some of the Art pieces I made using just basic shapes.

If you want to learn the basics of this beautiful art form, I provide free Tutorials on my Youtube channel by the name "Scribbling of Life"

For detailed learnings, you can even join workshops online or offline (Jaipur only) or personal 1x1 sessions.

Check the details of the workshops here.

The timings are decided mutually for 1x1 sessions and for group workshops also, we can create a group and decide timings.

The workshops I give are "Learn at your own pace" workshops. So, we can stretch the workshop to a day or 2 so that you learn and implement your learnings perfectly.

For further details, contact me on +91-9711619810 or email

I can even teach you a particular project of your choice and we can discuss it as well.



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