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All about Paper Craft Supplies

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Hello All,

Paper Crafting is on boom these days.

A Paper crafter creates a lot of things like Scrapbooks, Handmade Greetings, Explosion Boxes, and many other things.

In this post, I am sharing with you the details and links of very basic paper crafting tools and their links (Indian brands) to purchase from.

If you are new to paper crafts, I will suggest not to purchase any tools for the same. First, try making things with basic supplies.

Frankly speaking, all the tools are not necessary for the starting. Start with Pencil, Eraser, Scale, an empty ballpoint pen (for scoring), cutting mat, glue, and paper.

For most paper crafts, you will need

- Cardstocks for the base (200 to 300 gsm mostly)

- Pattern papers

- Embellishments - Pearls, Sequins, Rhinestones, Tags, Journaling cards, Glitter sheets etc.

Once you develop an interest in the paper crafts then go for tools. As I already stated, they are not necessary for starting.

Sharing the list of essentials below:

  1. Cutting Mat

  2. Trimmer

  3. Mini Trimmer (2.5 by 6 inches)

  4. Trimmer Standard (6 by 12 inches Extended to 17)

  5. Guillotine Paper Trimmer (8.5 inch)

  6. Scor Board

  7. Mini Score Board

  8. Multi-Purpose Scoring Board (12 inch X 12 inch)

I will keep updating this post with new things in coming days :)



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