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Meet the Girl

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Although I have dedicated a whole page about me still I am making my first ever post here on my blog as an introduction of mine.

I am Neha, a software engineer by degree but an Artist by passion.

I love trying my hands on various art forms but Quilling has my Heart and is like Heartbeats for me. I just simply can't survive w/o doing Art in this world.

I was always interested in doing Arts and Crafts but I am doing it as a hobby/side hustle for a decade. But, now I am going to take it a bit more seriously hence I created this website where I will be listing my services and products for people to learn or buy from.

My Husband Devraj who is my support system also helps me in Packaging, shipping, and material purchases. Without him, I am just handicap :)

He also does Art with me and he tries watercolors, decoupage, sometimes quilling, and other art forms.

Besides Crafts, we are bitten by Travelling and Photography bugs. We also do gardening. I think I am living the life in the best way I can.

Looking forward to building a beautiful community of Artists hence, join the forum and gets connected.



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