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3D Quilling Flowers Course

If you like art, beautiful things, or making crafts,  you will love this course.
If you seek an activity to release your pressure or express yourself, this course could be a good choice for you.
If you want to make different greeting cards, you should try quilling art.


This is an advanced paper quilling course using a step-by-step method to teach you how to make 5 types of 3D Flowers.

In this course, I will teach you all the basic technics and useful information which you can apply to make other quilling art by yourself. It’s simple, relaxing, and fun!

Paper quilling basics should be clear.
Paper Quilling Workshop is available in two options:

1) Pre Recorded - Book this and get instant access.
2) Online live over zoom - For this, contact me over Whatsapp / Email. It will be a course of 4-5 classes live classes.

What you'll learn:

  • 5 types of adnvanced 3D flowers

  • How to make flowers and give them 3D shapes

  • How to design and assemble projects using these flowers.

  • I will be teaching 5 types of 3D flowers and 1 finished project.

The kit is available on request and will be charged extra. 

I will provide links to materials for self-purchase as well.
How does this course work?

  • You will know more about the tools and how to use them.

  • You will learn all of the most useful technics and techniques to make 3D quilling flowers by a systematized tutorial.

  • You will know how to compose complete projects using the step-by-step method.

Follow the course, you will complete 5 types of quilling flowers and 1 beautiful quilling art project.  You can frame your project as a unique art or a precious gift.

Who this course is for:

  • who knows the basics of quilling and can make basic shapes in a neat and uniform fashion.

  • Who is interested in learning advanced quilling.

  • Who wants to learn new techniques in paper quilling.

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