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Who are we?

"Curating gifts is an amazing process. The receiver understands how deeply the giver knows them." - Neha Jain (Founder)

Steps Towards Crafting is a Jaipur-based Art Studio where we curate and craft handmade customized gifts for your Loved ones.

We Deal in Paper Quilling wall Décor pieces, nameplates, and other gifting items like handcrafted scrapbooks and greeting cards, etc. 


we hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique stuff we have to offer.

Handmade gifts online jaipur
Steps Towards Crafting Paper Quilling

Meet the Founders

Welcome to Steps Towards Crafting.

I am Neha (Founder - Steps Towards Crafting), a software engineer by degree but an Artist by Passion.

I founder Steps Towards Crafting in 2011 while waiting for work allocation when I joined my first project after my initial training in my first job. 

STC was just a side hustle for me which I never thought of making professional looking. 

Then, Devraj joined STC. He handles the packaging and shipping part and he is the best critic of the artworks or designs I work on.

We are a team of 2 only who do everything which includes designing, shooting, editing, social media management, packaging and shipping.

Handmade gifts online jaipur

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Steps Towards Crafting Paper Quilling


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